Monday, November 12, 2012

39 Weeks Miscellany

39 Weeks with Baby
Tomorrow marks the beginning of the 39th week of this pregnancy. Funny how November seemed so far away back in February! We have had birthdays and school and lot of life going on, and in the all of that we are trying to prepare for this wonderful, new little person to join us. Some of my thoughts at this point, in random order:

1) Provision. God's provision has again been amazing. When we moved to Richmond I got rid of (practically) everything baby/ little boy up to 12 months (M's age then). We did not think we would have another new baby to need these things and it helped to lighten our load, simplify, and bless others. Then, when we found we were expecting, we had the stunning realization that we were starting out from scratch again- just like with the first baby eleven years ago. And the Lord, who promises to provide food and clothing and His care to those who love Him, has provided for us again. We've been given clothes and baby supplies and the three big items we needed (pack n' play, car seat, and stroller) are all here and ready- wonderful, almost-new, free.

2) Simplicity. With baby #6 my list of "needs" was much smaller. I feel grateful that our needs are met and am sure that what we have will be enough. (Though I do still think a few infant hats and socks would come in handy!) L and I organized and labeled baby things one night, which was super sweet for us. A few onesies, a few sleepers, a few receiving blankets, a bin of diapers. . .

3) Full moon is November 28th this month. Not all of our babies have been born during a full moon, but most of them have been within a week. Our due date is November 19th, so it wouldn't be too far off.

4) The Lawyer had his first baby shower thrown for him! I'm sure this is a perk of working with nearly all females. He had cake and presents and everything! What a wonderful surprise for all of us (he brought the leftover cake home for the rest of us to enjoy, too.)

5) There is a new movie out about Ina Mae Garten. I watched it at a free screening in downtown Richmond yesterday and found that I can't watch a birth without crying. The movie was both informational and inspiring, and thinking on these birth things is helping me prepare mentally for the challenge and joy of labor and delivery at home.

6) This is the first time we will have THREE in diapers. Even when M was born, I had T in unders (even overnight). But things have changed for T (5) and now I have both T and M (2) in diapers at night.

7) Having three in diapers makes me think that after (only) five babies, I still don't know what I'm doing when it comes to toilet training. Or forming sleep habits, for that matter. Or nursing, even. So, hey, the three biggest things that a baby does: nurse, sleep, wet. . . I still don't have a good handle on. That's a bit unnerving.

Happy T.
8) We took the kids bowling to celebrate R's birthday (9) and everyone loved it- especially T and L (7). L was excited every time she got a pin down and was beaming each time she turned back from the lane. T was enthusiastic, no matter the outcome of his turn. If he had pins down he would say, "I got THREE down!" and if he didn't get any he would say, just as happily, "I was SO close!" We did end up adding bumpers for the big boys, who were quite discouraged the first game by their low scores. Though The Lawyer was giving good, practical instruction, they just couldn't seem to help approaching the line in a rush and flinging the ball down the lane. I didn't do so well, either- though I did have one really good streak of strikes and spares. My personal cheering section had one mantra: "That was great for a pregnant lady!" (umm.. thanks?)

Tonight, I can quickly list the happy gifts of all these:
1071) Waiting for baby... sweet anticipation
1072) Family cheering for one another at the bowling alley
1073) Happy, exuberant children
1074) Cloth diapers
1075) The Lawyer at home (we love his days off!)
1076) Birthday cakes! And cousins to celebrate with.
1077) Supplies on hand for a birth and baby things washed, stacked, and ready.
1078) M, trying to sit on my lap and lean back on me still- hilarious! (and completely uncomfortable!)
1079) R's laughter at Charlie Chaplin. . . he has the best laugh!
1080) M wants more toast, but still has crusts on his plate. I ask why he needs more and he tells me, "Because I don't like those skinny parts."
1081) HOPE in God's Word. He will not leave us nor forsake us. He cares for us!
1082) O's kiss of thanks for hemming his Boy Scout pants. This boy is so excited about Scouts.
1083) Music in the house. Loving the piano music as the kids practice.
1084) Morning walks- even if they are short.
1085) November sun sparkling off the lake, reflecting on golden and orange and red trees. . . incredible beauty.

L celebrates!

The Lawyer and M

M was happy watching and also "driving" the race cars (arcade style) behind us.

R's birthday Pomegranate Cheesecake

O is now a Boy Scout!

O with his pumpkin birthday cake (Oct 28)
O sewed all his own patches so far...
Big Brothers at the farm (Oct. 2012)

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Kristi said...

Lovely pictures! And you look beautiful 39 weeks pregnant. :) Glad to hear about your fun time celebrating birthdays, and the testimony of God's provision. I love hearing what your kids are saying and doing!