Thursday, May 31, 2012


More every day goodness to note:

1002- Grilled zucchini tonight- oh, so yum! And fresh from our landlord's garden, too!
1002-  THIS amazing concoction has made me the Queen of Laundry! I am so excited to have been able to remove ring around the collar from The Lawyer's dress shirts as well as some lingering oil stains on my shirts and the pink lipgloss M put on our white bedspread. Mind, I've washed all these before. To see these come clean in the laundry was nearly miraculous for me (previously known as Laundry Dud).
1003- Swimming. Kids swimming makes everyone happy.
1004- Woodpeckers in the morning. (I do love it, even if The Lawyer doesn't!)
1005- A friend surprising me by telling me that she reads the blog and finds encouragement. Really?!
1006- Friends doing school with us.
1007- Taking a walk with a big boy, who tells me things like, "this firefly is quite doe-sill." (docile!)
1008- Big boys doing the entire dinner clean up.
1009- And did I mention the grilled zucchini? Yum. Oh, and the Lulu kebabs were good, too. The kids snapped them up.
1010- New rockwool to plant more seeds in. New spaces for the TowerGarden to put the rockwool and seeks in. . . more opportunities to grow more good food!
1011- Bagpipes playing on Memorial Day
1012- Kids dressed in red, white, and blue
1013- Cousin dropping by with gifts of oranges and rice (the Lord knew I've been hungry for oranges, and these were delicious!)
1014- Freshly mown grass/weeds; yard looking much cleaner
1015- Boys sparring with bamboo sticks (without hurting each other)

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