Monday, April 9, 2012

Oh, These Days!

Days when:
961) the 1 year old gets into my makeup again. This time it isn't on the white bed cover, but instead lipstick streaks the white carpet and M is quite done up in lipstick, pink lip gloss, and mascara.
962) T and M think it is fun to blow water at each other through straws- in the dining room.
963) O throws the broom out of the trampoline- all the way up to the deck and into the glass window. It doesn't break, but certainly scares the mama indoors!
964) R takes a bowl of pistachios into the bedroom to eat.  .  . which is against our rules for good reason.
965) I use many paper towels to clean urine off the bathroom floor... and walls... and toilet...
966) We find ants swarming over the beautiful, untouched (as yet) lamb cake.
967) Four loads of laundry are done, 1 sits in the dryer, 1 is still in the washer, and that white bed cover is still waiting for more stain-removing attention.
968) We find one of the plants from the Tower Garden has mysteriously vanished.
969) As T jumps out of his seat in the van to dash toward his cousins. . . he jumps right into the hot sweet potatoes on the floor, effectively smashing and smearing them right off the pan.
970) L takes a bottle of water outside and dumps it on the trampoline. The boys use their socks to wipe it off (of course!) and then throw the socks into the yard.

Days so full of messy life! What can I do but embrace it? If all is really grace, then this is good. There is childishness and there have been infractions of disobedience (and there have been corrections and apologies and training opportunities) . . . but this messy working out of it all, and together is God's good gift. Oh, I'm thankful for this crazy messy life we have!

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