Tuesday, April 17, 2012

All the Day Long. . .

Tonight, in my weariness, I am pausing to give Monday thanks.

We got in at 3 a.m. this morning from IL. Thank goodness The Lawyer can drive like an Energizer Bunny. (971) The kids and I all fell asleep soon after a late dinner and he safely cruised us through the West VA and VA hills and back to Midlothian. We are thankful for safe travels and returning home (972). We had one sick in the van on the way to IL, one sick the morning of the memorial service, and one sick this morning after we arrived home. And maybe that will be all?

It was so good to celebrate Grandpa "B" with our family. Good to grieve with loved ones, to hug and laugh and share memories (973). We also loved having time on the farm. It rained while we were there, and for that we gave thanks, too (974). The land needed rain. We were able to take a walk with Grandpa Lamoreux to see the dams the beavers have built, marveling at their industry (975) and the quiet beauty of a Sunday morning after a rain. Red-winged blackbirds called and geese circled overhead as we walked through pasture grass. Lilacs were in bloom- one of my favorite smells (976). There was a great white pitcher filled with them on Grandpa B's table, such a sweet scent on a day of sorrow (977).

We were able to have time with my cousins and the children's cousin, too (978). We walked through the house my brother and his wife are remodeling- so beautiful. We had Sunday lunch together as a family at the large dining room table (979). Grandpa was conspicuously absent, yet there was grace (980) and holding hands and conversation. There was also steak and salad and fresh asparagus (981) and dishes prepared by other generous hands.

There was IL sky (982) and deep green grass (983) and familiar roads (984). There was my brother changing our tires for us (985) and the fanning mill in the shop that my dad picked up to clean the wheat I asked for (986). There were nostalgic moments of looking at old photos and wandering through houses (987). There was wonder that Lleyton looks so much like Nate and Stella so much like Marcy (988). There was a terrible, wonderful moment when L and I were both crying and I wasn't sure who was going to comfort whom. There were memories shared and made (989) and there were tearful goodbyes (990).

Little things, noted and given thanks for. . . open my heart to receive all things as grace.

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