Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Last Week of February

8 year old book worm

O (10) putting together the puzzle from Grandma

T (4) on the Snow Day

Snow Day sledding!

L (6) on Snow Day

Lettuce seedlings in rockwell... getting ready for the Tower Garden!

M (21 months) has a snack

I've been remiss to post my thanks, but not remiss in giving thanks. What a wonderful week we have had! Here are just a few of the gifts:

931. lovely, quiet weekend with snowfall
932. a snow day!
933. crazy huge gift of a gallon of maple syrup (when we were out and I didn't have grocery money left to buy any).
934. M singing "Jesus Loves Me"
935. Big boys singing in big voices in the shower
936. Green plant shoots bending to the light. We ooh and ahh over their growth.
937. A single white rose in a vase. The smell! The beauty!
938. Finally, the long awaited book- Jesus Calling- and surprise! It was on sale.
939. Leaning into a sunny window to listen to L read.
940. The Lawyer asks to listen to a sermon in bed.
941. long, sweet conversation with my mother-in-law.
942. M climbing into O's lap during school, snuggling his blanket and so happy to sit with big brother.
943. lots of texts with an old friend- so much good going on right now!
944. family visits and family dinner and farming conversation
945. children happy skipping. . .

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