Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Homemade Orange Toothpaste

Children's toothpaste is ridiculously expensive. And flavored with crazy artificial things and colored with dyes. And they usually contain fluoride. And (our) children have been known to blow through a tube of toothpaste in less time than it takes to need to replace the toilet paper and eons before we run out of hand soap. For all of these reasons, I knew I needed to make our own toothpaste. (Yes, I did this nearly two years ago, but it had been quite some time and I was ready to try this again.)

I've tried this before and people weren't so happy with it. The storage container was a problem, but I solved that with a fun little metal container. (Though now I realize the lid is much too difficult to get off!) The offsetting taste for the children before was strong peppermint (which I enjoyed). This time I switched to orange essential oil and most of them think it is very fun.

So... inexpensive toothpaste that I feel good about letting my children use- even M (21 months). I like that I was able to achieve a creamy consistency this time and it tastes good! I'll try a new (minty) version for myself next.

Homemade Orange Toothpaste:
3 Tbl. coconut oil (softened)
3 Tbl. baking soda
5-10 drops liquid stevia
5-10 drops orange essential oil (the kids liked about 10, which also gave a nice orange color)

Mix all ingredients together until they are a smooth consistency; this should look creamy like "store" toothepaste. Adjust sweetness with stevia and flavor with orange oil. Apply to a toothbrush (wet with warm water helps soften coconut oil if it is chilly where you live, too.) Enjoy your clean teeth!

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Cara said...

Wait, is there something wrong with fluoride?? Or do you just not want to use it for the smallest ones that might swallow it?