Saturday, January 14, 2012

Core of Carnality

It hit me again today, the dissatisfaction that comes from comparison.

Ironically, I read from A Hive of Busy Bees for the kids today and the story was entitled "Bee Content." If you know the story of the stone cutter who wanted to be a king and then wanted to be the sun and then a cloud and then ended up as a stone cutter again, you will understand the gist of this story, too. It begs the question: are we content where the Lord has placed us?

I'm not content, apparently. For just a few hours after reading the story aloud I had a conversation with a long time friend. I highly respect this woman and often "wish" I were more like her (wishing simply means I covet what she has/does). After the phone call I heard myself digress into self-pity and questioned myself and otherwise found myself lacking in comparison with my lovely friend.

Thankfully, The Lawyer reminded me that "we have a great life!" And the book I am currently reading was also a gentle reminder. In Chip Ingram's Good to Great in God's Eyes  he says, "... comparison is at the core of carnality. . . when I compare my gifts with someone else's, there are only two places to go: inferiority or superiority. I either become envious or arrogant. It's the same when I compare personalities, success, possessions, relationships, or anything else. There's no spiritual benefit to doing that, and it comes out of a carnal, self-centered heart."

Instead of thinking on our wonderful day in Winchester and choosing praise, I slid into self-centered carnality. The truth is that "we have a great life." Christ has given me all I need for life and godliness. He loves me and accepts me- today, as I am, covered by the blood of Christ. There isn't anything for me to prove. My striving leads to failing. The life I live now is a life driven by gratitude.

Sometimes we have to own up to who we really are and claim the life we really want to live.

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