Monday, November 14, 2011

Hold Onto Moments

As I look back over the past few months of blog posts I've noticed that there are really two kinds of posts: gratitude posts or informational posts. I've not intentionally avoided personal topics, yet as we've transitioned to this new place there have been many things going on in my heart that I've been sorting through. I'm still not sure what to make of things.

We are still in a season of transition. We are renting here for only another half year. The Lawyer's work is chafing him. I sense a "hold" on things; I can't see what we are moving toward but I also don't see us moving back to the places we have been (L'burg or Florida or Chicago area). It is a matter of time.

Life is good here, and full, and the children are thriving. I'm wondering what is around the corner- but because it is still far enough off that I don't have to pack anything, I'm content to embrace the transient feel of this season. We have good friends. We hear the gospel. We are thoroughly enjoying the outdoors. We are meeting interesting, enjoyable people and finding ways to serve others.

But these "hold" moments are passing quickly, too. . . and the only way I can weigh them down is with thanks. I know that if I don't give thanks, if I don't slow to notice and savor the moments of grace, they will slip right by me and when we move on I will wonder where the year of transition went. The children will be a year older (so will I!) and these years are rushing by too quickly as it is. Rather that I would hold onto these "hold" moments, for aren't we always moving somewhere? The days are passing by like water (Fernando Ortega) and soon we will hasten back to dust (Psalm 90). These years are so short and they will end like a sigh. . . For now, though, I breathe in and out and savor grace and exhale grace and look at these moments as good gifts.

Good Gift Moments:
826) Playing "leaf catch" with the children in the front yard, at the park, on the trail, in the street...
827) Learning to ride the Ripstick with the boys teaching me
828) M's new words... and the exultation of his siblings over each word (today's favorite was "pee-woo!" (pee-ewe!)
828) Hot water in a mug
829) Family fishing trip (at the park)- we mostly watched R and The Lawyer
830) Friendship surprises: she was feeling needy and I was wanting to give.
831) Gift of venison!
832) letter from our Compassion child. . .
833) Golden glowing trees in the sunset, flaming red bushes. . .
834) Making a road through the leaves and watching the children run
835) A few days when I didn't wash sheets and blankets. . .
836) Memorized words of Psalm 90 . . Oh, the satisfaction of his steadfast love!

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