Monday, October 31, 2011

Things that Work: Giving Thanks

With five children in the house, I'm always excited when I find things that work. (Actually, I believe it's divine inspiration- purely His mercy!) So, here are some things that are working for us in this season:

Hair Days. L (6) find it difficult to be cheerful or pleasant when she is having her hair done. Giving each day a specific hair style has helped immensely. It sounds silly, but so much of the complaining is alleviated when she knows what to expect and she gets it. And because it really does sound funny, we also smile a lot more, too. MONday, BUN day; TUESday, CHOOSE day; WEDnesday, let's be FRIENDS day (which just means we take turns choosing), etc.

Memory Bin. One bin with our memory material easily accessible. It has Veritas timeline, Latin, states and capitals, math flashcards, Bible and catechism, phonograms, and poetry.

Weekly worksheets. Each of the big boys has a schedule with blanks for them to fill in before the week starts. I create L's each week but it was taking me far too long to change the boys sheets from one week to the next, replacing the 10s with 11s for example. This involves them in the process, saves me time, and teaches them how to apportion their time.

Midday bike ride/walk. Just what we need after an intense morning of school and right at the warmest, sunniest part of the day. Everyone is happier after our outside time.

Simple Sundays. The Lawyer has asked that there not be dishes to wash on Sundays and I'm taking on the challenge to prepare ahead of time and keep meals very, very simple on Sunday. This week we had fresh bread and scalloped potatoes and salad.

Giving thanks. The daily act of giving thanks really can change so much: my attitude, my demeanor, my hope, my relationships. . .  And so, I continue:

817. Soup with friends.
818. Laughing that the soups looked identical- though one was potato and one was lentil!
819. Getting lost, running late... and still being blessed.
820. Fascinating reading on pteradons... we praise the Creator for these mysteries!
821. Phone calls with old friends. Laughing at the photos of their sweet, funny children.
822. Lingering in bed on a cold, rainy morning.
823. Forgetting the sweetener and the leavening in the pancake- and they ate it anyway. (wow.)
824. New baby pictures! Sweet, amazing Mae.
825. 18 month old who calls "MAma!" and seems to only want to be held today.

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