Saturday, September 24, 2011

If the Screwdriver Fits...

T (4) saw one of our small screwdrivers the other day when I was putting something else away. He begged me to let him have it, for "it's just my size!" he said.

I find it difficult to resist him. Even though I questioned the sensibility of giving a four year old boy a screwdriver to carry around, I also thought I would notice if this started to go badly. Enamored as he was by the green screwdriver, I thought his fascination would wear off quickly and I would find the tool lying around somewhere soon.

When I questioned why he wanted it he insisted that it was his size. "I need it," he told me.

And I gave in.

Things didn't go badly that morning. The screwdriver was most often inside his pocket or he had it out so he could admire it.

That changed by mid-afternoon. I guess things were getting a little dull around our house. Apparently, I didn't notice, as I was making dinner, finishing school, cleaning up and preparing to go to a homeschooling meeting. I also forgot to convey to The Lawyer that T had a screwdriver.

When I arrived home that night, The Lawyer told me about his evening:

When he came home from work, T proudly showed him the little green screwdriver. The Lawyer duly admired it. T kept telling The Lawyer how good he was at using the screwdriver. The Lawyer agreed time and again. Little did he know that T had a pocket full of screws to prove his prowess.

They spent half an hour putting screws back in every door knob and hinge that T could reach. Fortunately, T really was good at using the screwdriver and he did most of the work himself.

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