Saturday, July 30, 2011

Water Sponge "Bobs" (Bombs)

For some cool summer fun all you need are: sponges, zip ties, a bucket of water, and some cousins. We got the idea of these "Sponge Bombs" from a link on Ann's blog. The kids helped me cut sponges into strips and zip tie them together and clip the extra plastic. When there were cousins to play with we brought out a bucket of water and played toss and catch and see who can stay the driest.  I like these for the green factor (no little pieces of water balloons to pick up all over the yard; reuseable). Plus, they are just FUN!

L dumps the sponges into the bucket. We made about 12 "bombs" from 3 packs of sponges.

Cousin Isla plays.

Cousin Carly plays, too!

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