Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Rather than fool you into thinking I'm actually going to write about something significant or even pull all the loose random threads of thoughts together into a cohesive something... I'll just be frank and say that bullet points are all I can pull off at this point.
  • Tomorrow is our first garbage pickup. I'm SO excited. In preparation, I went through every. single. box. in the garage and made a neat little pile on the driveway of boxes that will not be hanging around until next year.
  • The kitchen boxes are unpacked with a few items still hanging out on the counter, waiting for me to decide where I'm going to keep them if I need them so much. Oh, and there are three- uh, make that FIVE boxes that are staying in the garage because I suspect I'll need them someday soon.
  • The trail system around here is really, really great. I've been able to take a few runs, leaving right from our cul-de-sac (though I'm pretty sure that I'm not reading something right- or else my 15 minute 2 and 3/4 miles was pretty impressive- for me.) The kids are loving the chance to use their bikes. I'm eager to have my bike here, as well. We haven't done much family biking because we could never figure out how to get all our bikes to the trail back in L'burg.
  • Due to some kind of internal error, we have yet to receive our forwarded mail. I'm counting this as a blessing.
  • Special perk of renting= landlords with a (much larger than ours!) garden who enjoy sharing giving produce to us.
  • Still adapting to new routines and schedules and adjusting expectations. The Lawyer has been going in early, working late, and exhausting himself for the Attorney General. "Nice to see you" I joke as he sits on the couch with work and I putter around. After all this time, we're together.
  • School time is fast approaching and I have some serious planning to do! I'm excited for this new year and the things we are adding, changing, and purposing to do better. (I love the hurrah! feeling of the new school year- can you tell?)
  • Methinks I'm just a country girl. Unless the city really starts to grow on me... I'm just sensing an uncomfortableness here. Kind of like a chafing of my heart. Guess I ought to toughen up.
  • After the upheaval of the last month it is definitely time to get back to the basics, the things that are simply GOOD for me and for our family. I've slacked in listing the things I'm grateful for, the gifts of God I'm noticing each day. I've sensed it in me, too, how quickly I can choose grumbling instead of praise. So.. back at it! For it is good and fitting to praise the Lord!
690) Mornings in bed with The Lawyer
691) Wondering in the middle of the night, "where am I?" and knowing the confusion will soon pass
692) Finding that a new acquaintance is a friend of a friend
693) So many happy memories of the farm, of cousins
694) Birthday balloon tree
695) Berries and whipped cream birthday dessert
696) T (3) helping me with "his" hammer
697) Realization that I will not die without chocolate
698) Finding good books as we unpack the book boxes. . .
699) L (6) making a treasure hunt for The Lawyer
700) Timely texts from friends


Carol said...

Calli-It was so great chatting with you today. I got your card (and key) in the mail... what wonderful, heartwarming words you had for me. Love you too sister and looking forward to seeing you all this weekend. Miss you friend and the kids!
PS. Some mail has come here, but I think it is mostly spam. :) I will bring it.

Sara Coplin said...


Just wanted to say that I miss seeing you and your precious children. I'll be praying for your transition in your new place. Please let us know when you are in town and perhaps we can hang out for 30 minutes?

Take care!