Monday, April 4, 2011

Adding to the List

Adding to my gratitude list, working my way to 1000 and beyond as I learn to live a life of thanksgiving. To give thanks in all things, to be content, even to find JOY- these are the things I seek to learn this year.

523. Three year olds. Mine says great things. He also gives terrific smiles and wonderfully tight hugs. This week he also dumped out packing peanuts (I had been saving) all over the basement, carefully put his clothes into the bath and then wrung them out over the bathroom floor, colored the coffee table with green crayon, poured flour out on the counter, filled the toothpaste tube with water, and stuffed The Lawyer's water bottle (empty of water) full of onion grass.

524. Nine year olds. Mine wore a yellow soccer jersey tonight and sprinted back and forth on the field. He was enthusiasm (and reminded me very much of myself). There was one wonderful moment when he was waiting on the sideline and I was marveling at the straight back and bearing of this boy-man, when he turned to catch my eye and gave me a huge smile and thumb's up. It was so important to him that I was there.

525. Seven year olds. Mine makes me laugh with his stories, ideas, word-plays, and continual chatter. Today was the FIRST day I can ever remember that he did all of his morning chores without constant reminders and was prepared when it was time for school. I was so proud of him I could hardly hold it in; so great!

526. 11 month olds. Even though the first year can be challenging for me, there are moments that are just pure delight. Three kids helped me plant today and M was content the entire time. Granted, he probably ate dirt and rocks and sticks when I wasn't looking... He also entertained himself grandly at the soccer game (though I had been dreading having him there, knowing I came woefully unprepared with distractions); an empty ziplock baggie occupied him for half an hour!

527. Five-nearly six-year olds. Mine really enjoys writing and it warms my heart to see her neatly penning (and mailing) letters to those she loves. Today we celebrated her progress in reading; it seems to be coming along quickly and she has fun reading library books aloud (which T then repeats to himself throughout the day!). She is counting down the days until her birthday and I'm anticipating a special, girly celebration and I'm so glad that I get to do that at least once a year.

528. Lawyers. Mine is much too smart for me. He also works incredibly hard and impresses me with his work ethic. He keeps me grounded in reality when I think I can do it all (he knows I'll crash and burn and I think he's saving himself from some tears by pointing out beforehand that it's unlikely I'll exercise, have a quiet time, start the laundry, AND make breakfast before 7:30.) I can trust him with everything.

529. Lilacs blooming. One of my favorites. LOVE the shape; love the scent. Reminds me of my mother and my grandmother.

530. Cherry blossoms. Beautiful. Promise of fruit to come.

531. Homemade bread. This has to be the best thing to eat, ever. I'm so sorry that some people shouldn't eat wheat. This is such a pleasure!

532. New babies!

533. Looooong phone conversation with a dear friend. We've been friends for 10 years! And only lived near each other for a few of them. And still, it is encouraging for me, so good for me to hear her heart and of her life with four boys and a man. I hear Christ in her words- not law, but Gospel life.

534. Scent of coming rain.

535. Children gathered round me at the piano as we try out the new month's hymn and practice the harmony.

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