Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Again?!

These Mondays seem to slip right past me. In my memory are Monday afternoons with a cup of tea and rest time at my computer in the kitchen while the kids were quiet. "When was that?", I wonder now. I'm sure it happened, but in this season it feels so long departed.

I liked those Mondays of pausing, reflecting, giving thanks. My soul still needs that!

281) "Treasure" Hunts- shrieks and thinking silences and running
282) Smell of Theives
283) Dad snuggling a baby- until he spits up
284) Happy boys riding dirt bikes with my brother
285) Twinkling eyes around the kitchen
286) Family laughter and shared jokes
287) Text messages from my husband
288) Fluffy comforters on the bed- looking forward to it again.
289) Late autumn sunshine, all goldy-orange and warm
290) macs- they are amazing!

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