Monday, October 25, 2010

If You Don't Have Anything Nice to Say. . .

Don't blog.

Or, that's what I tell myself. When I feel so lacking in everything and nothing seems to be happening I'm not sure what to blog about. And, I believe the Proverb, "Even a fool, when he is silent, is thought wise." Better for me to just keep quiet.

BUT. . . things are happening (even if I don't see much of it!) and I can not keep silent when my great God deserves glory from my lips.

Our house is still on the market. No one has looked at in in months, despite our reducing the price and having open houses. The average house in Lynchburg is on the market over a year now.  There are still four houses for sale on our street and the housing market seems to be flooded with homes for sale.

B is still driving back and forth from Richmond on the weekends to be with us. He is finding his job interesting and enjoyable and challenging- all great things in a job. Still, our weekends are over in a hurried breath and we are wondering how much longer we can continue this pace and life apart.

So, we are praying and wondering what to do. To rent the house? We would rather have the money and not the responsibility. To rent something in Richmond? We lack the money. Keeping on seems the only real choice.

Elizabeth Elliott says, "Thankless children we all are, more or less, comprehending but dimly the truth of God's fathomless love for us." She says that we ought to be deliberately thankful, and that our gratitude starts at the cross. In that spirit, I continue my Gratitude List:

266) Jasmine sprigs on the mantle- my favorite scent!
267) Painted pumpkins
268) Crispy scent of autumn leaves
269) Full moon light silver on the trees
270) Music, speaking right to my heart
271) New friendships
272) Old friendships; familiarity
273) Last zinnias from the garden; T "has" to pick them
274) M sucking his toes
275) Kids' anticipation of a trip to IL
276) Birthday cakes
277) Early morning blue of the sunrise
278) Jeans that fit!
279) Restfulness of a Sunday afternoon with friends
280) M napping in the Ergo (I often wish he were in his bed, but it IS so great to hold a sleeping child)

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