Sunday, August 8, 2010

One Week, One 2 YO Boy

It seems to have been an unusually busy week for a certain 2 year old boy at our house. I promise that I haven't left him alone for more than ten minutes; which is obviously far too long. Here is a partial description of T's week:

  • Writing with crayon on the yellow table
  • Using the potato scrubber and veggie wash to clean the garbage can
  • Then, using the potato scrubber to clean the inside of the toilet bowl
  • Writing with pencil on the back porch walls
  • Cutting his chin when he fell off the skateboard
  • Using toilet paper to clean the slide
  • Cutting his face with a razor while in the bath
  • Writing on L's carpet with marker
  • Bloody nose at friend's house
  • Writing on a radiator with a pencil
  • Gluing paper to the dining room table
  • Writing all over himself with markers

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