Monday, July 12, 2010

Soaking Up Moments

Tonight as I walked around the block (just once 'cause it was getting dark and yet I needed to breathe in some sanity air), I wanted to soak in the moments and hold them up in me for just . . . a longer moment. Knowing that we'll be leaving this place has caused a melancholy and yet also a joy in me.

171) Smell of rain-soaked trees and ground
172) Familiar sight of the neighbor's white fence (I've always liked white picket)
172) Crepe Myrtle's bursting out Fourth of July- like blooms
173) Knowing the way without thinking about it
174) Dusky sky melting into darkness
175) Fireflies (still seem so fun)
176) An opportunity to reduce our debt
177) A job my husband is excited about
178) Less stuff; feeling more freedom from things
179) Chocolate chip cookies (they are just so good)
180) The sight of home as I round the corner

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