Saturday, May 8, 2010

On Pork, Pizza, and Personal Conviction

If you ask the men in our house, pepperoni would be their first choice for a pizza topping. (I'm known to want as many veggies as can possibly be piled on!) B and I have talked at length about what the Bible has to say about clean and unclean foods. About two years ago I became convicted in my spirit that I wanted to follow the Lord's directives about every aspect of my life, believing that the Author of life knows best how I ought to live and believing that my Redeemer has good intentions for me in His law. This is when I spent a good deal of time in Leviticus. I also read The Maker's Diet and What the Bible has to say about Food. I decided that I would no longer eat pork (ham, bacon, chops, pepperoni, or any of it), nor shellfish. The exception for me is that when we are guests in someone's home and pork is the main dish served, I will partake. (This is both gracious as a guest and reveals my faith that God can sanctify the food.) B feels less strongly than I do about this, but has been willing for me to make the change for our family in what I purchase. So, even though they may choose pepperoni when we are out, they have other toppings at home (and everyone's favorite topping is cheese!).

I was poking around tonight as I nursed M, and found a terrific blog post by a Christian. This is an excerpt, but the entire post is here. I highly recommend this as a quick read but thorough overview of this topic.

Hallee says: "We aren’t purists. We just are following God’s guidelines understanding that the reason they are in place are for our own health and safety. And when we follow them, we’re acknowledging the Author of the law in a grateful and worshipful way. Because He is the mighty Creator of the heavens and the earth and is worthy of all acknowledgment, worship, and praise."

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