Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hopelessly Helpful

I have two helpers who overwhelm me with their helpfulness.

L (5) loves to be by my side as I nurse M. If I seem to be dallying, she'll lift my shirt and unhook my nursing bra. She eagerly grasps M's hands to keep them back so he can latch. Then, she'll rub his head and pat his back and talk to him while she waits for her "turn" to hold him again. She also loves to pick out his clothes in the morning.

T (2) is much the same, although he isn't as interested in the nursing. He made it his particular job this week to help me with diaper changes. I'm so glad for the extra hands (and legs!) that run for the diaper and wipes. He also took charge of applying the Vaseline to gauze pads, even going so far as to carry the Vaseline around in his pocket all day, so he would be prepared. (This was actually good because it kept it nice and warm!)

Sometimes I feel a bit smothered with all this attention that M is receiving. It's like having three squirmy children on my lap; two cooing "M, oh M!" and one grunting and fussing for his needs to be met. But oh, the love!

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