Tuesday, March 23, 2010

On Sick Care

I'm weary of the talk of "healthcare" when people are really talking about SICK care. Americans aren't very healthy and our system called "healthcare" is really set up to care for those who are sick. Prevention and wellness are paid for out of pocket. For those who are paying for wellness, they are paying a steep price indeed, because not only are we paying for our own wellness, we are forced to pay for other's illness.

I sound mean, but I do mean this in the most socially responsible, merciful way. People are better off if they are WELL. Providing sick care does not mean more people will be well. I'm concerned with wellness.

Politics is my husband's hobby, not mine. He just tells me the things I need to know. I did, however, read THIS ARTICLE on the "HealthCare" situation and it made sense to me. (Health Care Arbitrage)

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