Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Pause

As the day races forward, I am pausing to reflect and give thanks. In each of these little things that brings me joy, I see the love and care of the Joy-Giver, my Lord. Every good gift comes from Him!

28. The predictable lull of the afternoon.
29. The also predictable noise and excitement due to swimming lessons today.
30. Crunchy snow.
31. Being back to the Y this morning; the good feeling of moving.
32. Little wrinkles on the spinning baby. . . laying down fat, every day growing.
33. Message from a friend, timely and touching.
34. Enthusiasm of another friend, "The world needs more Curtis boys!"
35. A giant, simmering stockpot of soup to share.
36. Handprints (and mouth prints!) on the window; it means there was something good to see outside.
37. Listening to the Bible, the words filling the room as we are all quietly engaged.
38. Excellent dark chocolate.
39. Simple family prayers: "Thank you God, for food and for home."
40. Sitting by radiators, reading books.

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JoAnn said...

I love how "swimming lessons" and "snow" are in the same list. I also love the handprints one. Good perspective. I think that's what I will tell people who notice my print-y windows. Great list.