Monday, February 1, 2010

Little Things

It's Monday again. I haven't been nearly as consistent with listing my glimpses of God as I thought I would be. Too many late nights staying up with working husband. Yet, I see so much of Him around me and I'm thankful.

16. It's never too late to list blessings.
17. A working lock on the bathroom door!
18. Grandparents' table beside me, better than ever after loving repairs.
19. Quiet goodness of crosstitching; watching something good come from my hands.
20. Compassionate children.
21. Shared book with my mom. It's so good to be on the same page!
22. Making a snowman with L.
23. T asking, "You play trains with me NOW?"
24. Crockpot flops that make us all laugh. (Whole wheat macaroni was completely unrecognizable. Hence, "Chicken Bean Mush" for dinner. Edible, but not delicious.)
25. Boy wearing my boots.
26. Playing air hockey with T.
27. Laying in bed with husband, staring at the sparkling white beauty outside, glimmering in the light of the full moon.

holy experience


Annesta said...

We don't live where there is snow, so it seems so romantic to lay in bed and gaze out at the snow and a moonlite sky...a beautiful gift.

Jenny said...

I enjoyed my first visit to your blog. Your gratitude list was beautifully simple, thank you. I read a couple of posts; I hope you have recovered from your fall.