Monday, February 15, 2010

Adding Gratitudes

If I'm to get to 1000, I best count some of the gratitude thoughts from the week. Otherwise it will take me years to get to 1000 on Mondays!

48. Snow falling outside the window; it's still beautiful to me!
49. A compliment on a good dinner- it makes me feel good.
50. Hope of a tax return coming.
51. Valentine cookie to share with my loved ones. Everyone loves chocolate chip cookie!
52. Surprise emails from long-ago friends.
53. A hour-long walk with my husband. Such a treat! An hour to walk (briskly) and talk; so enjoyable.
54. Gospel truth heard again. I love hearing the gospel! May it penetrate ever more deeply.
55. Encouragement and wisdom from a friend. How good to hear her conviction on being her husband's help-meet and how that works out practically within her home and with her children.
56. Tender moment of asking for forgiveness from my children, and receiving it.

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