Monday, January 25, 2010

January's Habit: Gratitude

Well, you have to start somewhere. Inspired by the list of THOUSANDS of things that A. Voskamp is grateful for, and thinking on several things I heard in 2009, I am endeavoring to be purposefully grateful this year. My thought is that if I focus on one healthy habit each month, by the end of 2010 I'll have bettered myself in 12 ways!

Lately I have been sorrowed to see in myself a lack of contentment and gratitude. The truth is, I'm whiney and quick to complain and criticize. It's not who I want to be. There is a journal beside my bed (it's probably been there for nearly a year already!) for listing my daily thanks. Maybe posting these on Mondays will help me keep on track.

holy experience

1. Made-up recipes that turn out to be good (crockpot chili)
2. Swimming smiles
3. "I love you, Boy." "I love YOU, MOMMYYYYY!"
4. First glimpse of husband after work
5. Sunshine after rain
6. Birds frolicking in trees outside the window
7. Neighbors calling across the street
8. Stolen hour with a friend
9. Unexpected phone call from my sister
10. Really good, creamy ice cream
11. Children clamboring to say good morning to the baby in my belly
12. Growing friendship with another family
13. Deeper unity with husband as we work hard on our finances
14. Strength and skill displayed as O starts another lap in the pool
15. Shared laughter with husband, even through the YMCA glass

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