Friday, January 1, 2010

Homemade Gifts

I know it's late, but we did manage to make and give away homemade Christmas gifts this year. The kids helped me make 5 batches of Wholly Granola (recipe is in the food section of the blog) and we put them into containers, labeled them, and gave them to friends and neighbors. (Many of our dear friends already have my recipe and make their own granola, though!) The kids also helped me prepare these spray bottles of Thieves cleaner (from Young Living). Not a gift that everyone would enjoy, but some of my good friends and moms who have a penchant for non-toxic cleaning seemed to be pleased. Thieves smells SO good, and you can use it for practically everything. Just a couple ideas for later!


Darby said...

I lost my copy of your granola can you email it to me again.. That sounds so good right now...And Thieves is a great gift...I Love how it smells


Blanchard Pickles said...

Calli can you send me your recipe again.. I cannot seem to find it.. I have used it so often in the past and seeing it make me want to make it more...Plus Thieves is a wonderful gift.. I used it all the time

Cara said...

What dilution ratio did you use for the Thieves? On the website it looks like they have lots of different recommendations, but I wondered what you use for regular disinfecting and cleaning?

calli said...

I think I used about 1:30, as close as I could guess on my spray bottle.