Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Happy, Healthy Realization

In talking with several moms this week, it came to me that our family REALLY IS much healthier than we have been. Since adding JuicePlus nearly four years ago, and changing our diet over time to incorporate more fruits and vegetables, whole grains and much less processed food. . . we REALLY are healthier.

So far this year we have not had the flu (any of us), nor even any colds (except I had a cough for a few days). No trips to the doctor for anything. That really is amazingly good! Not only are we saving money because we are healthier, but we feel good, too! (This has led us to consider other health care options for insurance, because we just don't use the sick care system often enough to justify huge monthly expenses.)

I know this isn't just coincidental. We have seen incremental changes in our health over time because of the changes we have made. The JuicePlus research shows this to be true, as well. One published study was done on law students in FL (we can relate!) and the students eating JuicePlus were sick less often and when they were sick it didn't last as long.

What is the value of health to you? As I realize how much healthier we are today, I am filled with gratitude, not only for JuicePlus, but also for the health education that has come along with that community. I've heard it said that a healthy family is a happy family. . . and I know it to be true for us.

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