Friday, January 8, 2010

Grocery Day

So difficult for me!

I'm not one to clip coupons. For one, we don't get the paper and I feel like it's a waste of time to poke around websites. Most coupons are for things we don't use. I rarely buy anything processed or name brand, which is what most coupons are for. If I could get my hands on some discounts for apples, potatoes, barley, and Greek yogurt.. then I'd be excited.

Our cash system is working much better than me buying groceries with the card, I'm too good at justifying everything to stay within our $125. With cash, getting groceries is an hour long arduous decision making process. "I thought we'd have roast chicken and quinoa, but I can't afford this chicken. If I don't do the chicken, should I put the quinoa back or come up with another plan? Can I buy chicken broth if I don't get the chicken, because I won't be able to make my own? Is it more profitable to choose 2 pomegranates or a small bag of frozen fruit?" Ahhh....

B is so good at looking at things objectively (what a great strength for a lawyer!). He says, "You did your best and you stayed within the budget; good job!"

I, on the other hand, emotional and hungry as usual, cry that I couldn't get pesto for the pizza nor good cheddar for the broccoli cheese soup nor healthy nuts and fruit to snack on.

At this point, it looks to be a very lean week indeed (at least to me; I'm still eating frequently and moodily!). I'm sure we will be fine; I'm looking to praise God every day for what we DO have.

His provision: free bread from the store (the package was ripped and I asked for a discount and instead received the whole loaf free).

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