Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Excited About Elderberries!

Oh my! It may not take much to excite me these days (at least before 4 p.m.!), but I was really enthused by some articles I've been reading about the benefits of elderberries. First of all, it pleases me to praise God for His marvelous creation; how marvelous are the benefits of the plants He created! Secondly, I'm grateful for our Vineyard blend of JuicePlus+, which contains elderberries. We've been consuming this for years, and yet knowing more about elderberries only makes me more grateful that we were eating it before we knew so much (pure grace!).

So, here is some of what I've found (I'm curious to try the tincture, but I think eating Vineyard blend is the simplest way to go, especially because it is daily elderberries):

"Black Elderberry Extract Benefits:
A clinical trial during a severe flu outbreak around 1992-93 in Israel confirmed a perfect cure rate of severe flu victims there. Another study performed in Oslo, Norway more recently, around 2002, also confirmed the amazing efficacy for type A or B flu victims of several different strains. The cures mostly occurred in two days while a few were cured in three days. Tamiflu cures occur normally in 4.5 to 5 days. It took 6 days or more for the flu victims on placebos to recover.

What was used in both Israel and Norway was a Black Elderberry extract product of Israeli origin. There were no side effects from taking this inexpensive flu cure. At the end of this article there is a simple Black Elderberry extract remedy recipe. In other words, you will be empowered with making an abundant supply of this extract cure to have on hand.

Elderberry has a very high ORAC, or oxygen radical absorption capacity: over twice as much as blueberry. In addition, antioxidants called flavonoids stimulate the immune system. Other compounds in elderberry, called anthocyanins, have an anti-inflammatory effect; which would explain the effect on aches, pains, and fever.


1) Clean Quart Jar add 1/4 pound dried elderberries (Must be Sambucus nigra)
2) Now fill to top with vodka. Put lid on tight.
3) Store in a dark cupboard and shake once every few days.
4) Label and date your jar. Let it sit for at least 30 days before you strain it. You can use it without straining it too and it will just continue to get stronger
. Dosage: 1 teaspoon four to five times daily during infections. Otherwise once daily."


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